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Zeus and Hera on a throne

The divine couple that rules the world


An imaginative figure of the divine couple , Zeus and Hera sitting on the throne.

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Product description

In the grandeur of Mount Olympus, the mighty Zeus, sits atop a majestic throne. His formidable figure exudes an air of regality as he holds a magnificent scepter in his right hand, a symbol of his supreme authority over the realms of gods and mortals alike. In his left hand, Zeus cradles the emblem of his dominion, a lightning bolt. On Zeus's right side, nestled on his knees, is the majestic Hera, Queen of the Gods. Hera's regal presence is adorned with grace as she rests one arm on Zeus's lap, a testament to their divine union. The bond between Zeus and Hera, though powerful, is marked by tumultuous episodes, with Hera standing as both a symbol of marital fidelity and a steadfast partner who weathers the storms of divine affairs. The throne's opulence is further accentuated by the presence of the sacred eagle, a symbol of Zeus's watchful gaze, perched on the right armrest. This majestic bird, a creature blessed by the god himself, stands as a living testament to Zeus's dominion over the skies.  Zeus and Hera's relationship unfolds like a divine drama. Despite Zeus's numerous dalliances and the resulting conflicts, Hera remains a symbol of unwavering commitment. Her enduring love, coupled with moments of divine wrath, weaves a complex tapestry of divine affairs that shape the very essence of Olympian lore. Together, they preside over the pantheon, their thrones echoing with the resonance of celestial power, as the gods and goddesses look to them for guidance and leadership in the boundless expanse of the divine realm.

Product details



MATERIAL: polyresin


METHOD: molded


PATINA: cold cast bronze


Secure molded styrofoam packaging