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Hebe-31 cm

As the goddess of youth, Hebe is responsible for maintaining the eternal vigor and vitality of the immortals on Mount Olympus.


An imaginative figure of goddess Hebe

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Product description

Hebe is the daughter of Zeus, the king of the gods, and Hera, the queen of the gods. She is one of the many divine offspring of Zeus and Hera, born into the pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses. As the goddess of youth, Hebe is responsible for maintaining the eternal vigor and vitality of the immortals on Mount Olympus. One of Hebe's primary duties is to serve as the cupbearer of the gods, providing them with the divine nectar that grants them eternal youth and immortality. She fulfills this role with grace and poise, ensuring that the Olympian gods remain forever youthful and vibrant. In some versions of her mythology, Hebe is also associated with the concept of rejuvenation and renewal. She is said to possess the power to restore youthfulness to mortals, granting them vitality and vigor. Hebe's mythology intersects with various tales of the Olympian gods, often appearing alongside her family members and playing a supporting role in their stories. She is sometimes depicted as the wife of Heracles (Hercules), with whom she shares a son named Alexiares. Her appearance is that of eternal youthfulness, with smooth skin, bright eyes, and an aura of youthful energy surrounding her. She is adorned in flowing robes befitting her divine status, often embellished with symbols of her role as a goddess of youth and vitality , holding a golden cup or pitcher, symbolizing the nectar of immortality that she serves to the Olympian gods.  

Product details



MATERIAL: polyresin


METHOD: molded


PATINA: cold cast bronze


Secure molded styrofoam packaging