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November 12, 2022

Concerning the various names of the island (I), Homer called her Scheria


loggas mythiko

IMAGEIn ancient times, myths and imagination gave many different names to Corfu, born from the various properties, position and morphology of the island. In cases where one point of view is opposed to the other, everyone should believe the one that resembles the truth as much as possible, since the real truth cannot be found and proven. As to the origin of the name Sheria, let everyone choose the most plausible opinion according to their own judgment, because this name is only found among poets and myth writers.


(Etym. Ι) From the word *σκερός to Old Eng. score, MLG schore (rocky) coast, shore ( *sker-, s.) It simply means a continuous beach, an extended coast.

(Etym. ΙΙ) From the word *σxερός – scheros, the compound πολυ-σχερός poly-scheras is probably derived. See also word *χέραδος – cherados “sand with stones and other transported materials brought down by the rivers”.


Eustathius of Thessalonica (C12th AD) gives us the myth.

“The river of the opposite [land] Epirus, today’s Thyamis or Kalamas, brought down the sand and soil in masses into the sea with its rapid current. This is how he tried to unite Epirus with Corfu so that this beautiful island would no longer exist. But Demetra, the good and suffering goddess, loved Corfu very much and protected it. He wanted her intact and alone, a protective rock, proud to break the wild waves of the Ocean. And as she was a woman and therefore cunning, she took hold of the river, begged him with all her heart and sweetened his ferocity with her entreaties. Thus the river calmed down, stopped its wild descent and Corfu was spared.”


written by Thodoris - Mythiko